Celebrities With Invisalign in Los Angeles

A good smile gives one confidence, therefore ensuring a healthy mouth and smile is paramount for each and every one. Despite several efforts made by many to keep a healthy mouth, certain dental conditions set in and destroy one’s confidence irrespective of his or her status in the society. Most of them, especially celebrities go for treatments such as invisalign so as to finally achieve great smiles. 

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalignis a cosmetic procedure, more like a dentistry service that allows people to straighten up their teeth inconspicuously with very clear aligners. They do not just use any aligners on their mouth but clear BPA – free aligners that do not call for attention like the traditional wires. The treatment is meant to move teeth with a series of man made aligners also called retainers made from very clear plastic; making them far less noticeable. Invisalign has passed to be many people’s choice among them celebrities because of the ability to remove the invisalign holder with ease whenever one wants to eat, brushing and flossing, thus giving patients an easy time free from dietary limitation like with the traditional metal braces.

Celebrities and Invisalign in Los Angeles.

Having learn t about invisalign, then it is important to note that this treatment is becoming popular among celebrities in Los Angeles because it helps them achieve their most desired smiles. This is because the braces are invisible; which is most appealing for people who are usually in the spotlight unlike traditional wire and bracket braces. Invisalign is also preferred by most celebrities in Los Angeles because people in the limelight always look for the perfect way of straightening their teeth so as to maintain the status. 

However, the cosmetic procedure has some little downsides despite its many advantages. One of the major cons of it is that, you may lose weight while using the treatment. This is basically because; the wear time for invisalign is twenty two hours which leaves you with only two hours in a day for eating meals.

For women, you may not be able to apply cosmetic such as lipstick and manicures because the aligners cannot be removed without the help of the nails which leaves the nails chipped.

In order to ensure good maintenance, one need to clean them more often; failure to do that, the attachment of stains can occur. Invisalign also limits the user from taking in hot water. Alcohol may also have to be cut down when under this treatment to avoid building up of plaque on the teeth.

Below is a list of some of Celebrities in Los Angeles who have Invisalign;

1. Khloe Kardashian.

Judging from her pictures, it is clear that invisalign dentists were able to straighten the smile of Khloe Kardashian and make it appealing to the public eye. We all know her as a reality star who at the age of 28 years decided to straighten her smile using the invisalign treatment. Khloe is the first in the list of celebrities and invisalign in Los Angeles who were lucky to have successfully gone through the treatment.

2. Justin Bieber.

He is the second in the list of celebrities and invisalign in Los Angeles who chose to align his teeth while still a teenager. Justin bore witness to the success of invisalgn treatment in one of his YouTube videos which shows him praising the braces for being invisible.

3. Katherine Heigl.

Famously known for her role in the famous TV show Grey’s Anatomy’, Katherine Heigl is among the celebrities in Los Angeles with invisalign who have attested to the spectacular results of the treatment. She made the decision of aligning her teeth back in 2007 while planning her wedding to famous singer Josh Kelliy.

4. Zac Efron.

Efron sits comfortably at number 4 on the list of Celebrities and Invisalign in Los Angeles. Famously known for his role in High School Musical and The Neighbors, the actor decided to align the gap that was in his front teeth by using invisalign and it worked for him tremendously.

5. Serena Williams.

Serena Williams is known for her continuous victory on the Tennis Court. As a teenager, Serena decided to strengthen her smile by wearing invisalign braces and it worked for her because she is among the celebrities in Los Angeles who underwent successful invisalign treatment.

The number of celebrities and invisalign in Los Angeles is increasing by the day because the treatment has proven to successfully align the teeth using custom made aligners which are invisible and made of plastic. However, the treatment is not for celebrities only because it is now affordable and widely available. Invisalign has been discovered to be a painless treatment that does not interfere with anyone’s schedule; therefore it is recommended for anyone looking to align his or her teeth.

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